Our Story

The year was 1971

The year of Independence

The liberation war, a revolution, a movement from the east which resulted in the independence of Bangladesh

26.06.1971, now this remembrance date brings the eastern continent together, with its elegance & cultures welcomed.
My back home chai pays homage to the nostalgia of 1971 combined with the modern era celebrating its existence through food & drink.

Bangladesh street food

With a twist…..

At My Back Home Chai, we’re not trying to create the street food of Bangladesh, we’re trying to create an area where customers will enjoy what we do with a hint of nostalgia and with the ambience of Bangladesh.

We’ve taken a modern day café concept, with the English breakfast and wraps, and fused it with our flavours and spices – what we think a new generation of diners will like. We’ve got our take on Panipuri, a type of street food popular on the Indian subcontinent, and called it Fuchka simply because it has potatoes as well as chickpeas.

For us, this is a final hurrah in the Sweet Diner franchise, a tribute to our heritage. This is a celebration of our culture and a last thank you to those that came before us.